Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    How do I book a stall?
    Booking forms are available on the Booking Form page.

    How many stalls will there be?
    There will be around 50 stalls.

    What type of stalls will be there?
    The stalls are split between campaigning/charity groups and craft:

    Around 25 campaigning/charity groups such as the local branches of Amnesty International and CND, as well as local organisations such as Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge and Sheffield Wildlife Trust.

    Around 25 craft stalls mainly from small-scale artisans selling items such as felted jewellery, knitted ware, photographs, ceramics, bags, home accessories, paintings, cards etc.

    What are the table sizes?
    4ft, 6ft and 8ft. Additional space is available to purchase.

    How much does a stand cost?
    Please see the booking form for prices.

    Will chairs be provided?
    You will be provided with 2 chairs.

    Will tablecloths be provided?
    No, you will need to bring your own.

    Will trolleys be available?
    There will be a limited number on a first come, first served basis. To avoid waiting, you could bring your own trolley though this could not be stored in the fair room.

    What time will the fair run from?
    The public will be admitted from 11am to 4.30pm. Exhibitors must be set up for the entire length of the fair; you will be expected to set up by 10.45am and break down after 4.30pm.

    Where is the fair?
    The fair is at the Grade II listed Sheffield Town Hall in the heart of Sheffield city centre. Sheffield Train Station, Sheffield Interchange, several tram stops, dozens of bus routes and Sheffield Coach Station are all within 1 mile.

    This central venue attracts visitors from all parts of the city.

    The location can been seen here.

    Where is the nearest car park?
    Information on city centre parking is available here.

    Do you have an eligibility criteria for craft stalls?
    We are not selective and welcome all types of artists and craft makers, both emerging and established. You are not required to send us photos of your work or inform us of the last few fairs you have exhibited at. We would however, be pleased to receive details of your website or facebook page.

    I'm designer, not a crafter, can I book a stall?
    As long as your products are produced in small-scale numbers and 'giftable' you are welcome to book a stall.

    Can I sell food at the fair?
    Only food not for immediate consumption such as packaged/wrapped goods can be sold at the fair.

    I am not a charity, campaigning group or craft maker. Can I still book a stall?
    We welcome a limited number of other stalls such as a henna artist and the radical bookshop News from Nowhere.

    Do you have insurance?
    Yes, we have public liability insurance.

    Will there be somewhere to purchase refreshments?
    A pop-up cafe selling snacks, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks will be in the same room as the fair. Soya milk will be available, however Nestle products will not be available for purchase.

    Is there anywhere for visitors to sit?
    There will be tables and chairs by the cafe.

    What entertainment will there be?
    To add to the atmosphere, we will have an accordionist moving around the fair, as well as singing accompanied by live music.

    Will visitors be able to re-enter the fair, for example to get cash to purchase goods?
    Visitors are welcome to re-enter the fair.

    What is the payment method for stalls?
    By cheque only.

    But I don't have a cheque book…
    Let us know when you send the booking form and we will contact you to discuss this.

    When will we be able to access the venue for setting up?
    Setting up details will be available in the joining information.

    Where can I access joining information?
    Joining information will be sent in October.

    Do you have a closing date?
    We take bookings on a first come, first served basis until the fair is full.

    I have a question that hasn't been answered
    Please contact us.